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Garnishments & Liens on Real Estate

What is a Garnishment?

Creditors often use garnishments as a last resort to recover payments from you. If you’ve stopped making payments on your bills, a court may grant your creditors an order requiring your employer to withhold or “garnish” a portion of your earnings. The most common type of garnishment is a wage garnishment, where money is deducted from your paycheck.

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney Frank G. Cortese has helped thousands of individuals stop garnishments. He understands the procedures creditors must follow in order to garnish your wages and what limitations exist on their right to recover.

How Does Filing Bankruptcy Stop a Garnishment and a Judgment

Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will “automatically stay” or stop the garnishment and judgment. Filing Bankruptcy will stop any existing garnishments and prevent any future garnishments by your current creditors. The Bankruptcy will also stop your creditors from enforcing a judgment.

How Does Filing Bankruptcy Stop a Creditor From Placing a Lien on My Real Estate?

Once your creditor obtains a judgment, they can place a lien on your real estate. If a lien hasn’t been filed yet, filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will prevent your creditor from placing a lien on your real estate. If a lien has already been placed on your real estate, call Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney Frank G. Cortese to see how filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can avoid the lien and discharge the judgment.

If you are facing a garnishment or have questions regarding liens on real estate, Bankruptcy or any other debt collection activity, please contact Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney Frank G. Cortese for a Free Consultation.

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