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Stop Your Foreclosure in 1 Day with No Money Down!

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy provides you a means to Stop Your Foreclosure and save your Home. With over 27 Years of Experience Attorney Frank G. Cortese has helped thousand of homeowners save their home from Foreclosure by filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in 1 Day with No Money Down.

If your lender has refused to approve a Mortgage Modification or a Loan Forbearance and you have wasted time and money on a Failed Foreclosure Defense, filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Stop Your Foreclosure in 1 Day is the Right Choice for You.

Pay Mortgage Arrears in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Your Chapter 13 Repayment Plan, as approved by the Bankruptcy Court, will provide a means to pay back your Mortgage Arrears within a reasonable period of time (36-60 months) while continuing to make your regular monthly mortgage payments. The Court will require that you provide verification of income to support making your current Mortgage Payment and your Chapter 13 Payment. Your Chapter 13 Repayment Plan will allow you to avoid Foreclosure and stay in your home.

Eliminate a 2nd Mortgage or a HELOC in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may also provide a means for you to get rid of a Second Mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), referred to as “Lien Stripping.” If the amount of the senior lien on your property exceeds the market value of your home, you can strip your second mortgage or other junior lien. The Bankruptcy Court will treat the second lien and or HELOC as unsecured debt. In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, unsecured debt has last priority and is usually not paid back completely. Upon the completion of your Chapter 13 Plan the second lien and/or HELOC will be discharged.

Unpaid Real Estate Taxes in a Chapter 13 Plan

File a Chapter 13 Plan to catch up on your Property Taxes, even after the Tax Sale, and extend the 2-year Redemption Period. After filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy your property cannot be sold for Delinquent Taxes without an order from the Bankruptcy Judge.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is available with No Money Down in most cases, for Qualified Wage Earners.

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"Frank is responsive and to the point." Ren Kdk
"I’m young and went through a rough time financially, and realized that bankruptcy was really my only option. Frank took care of my issue and filed my case in less than 5 hours-same day." Stephanie Santiago
"Professional, timely, and informative, he simply gets the job done and helps get you back on track!" Koriw Clemons